Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello world!  My name is Hannah and I am the owner/creator/mastermind/designer of Pinstripe Paw Prints, the coolest and cutest dog clothing and accessory line.  Our pet clothes are designed to be cute, functional, and easy to use.  We are constantly adding in new pieces, patterns, and designs, and our clothes are always fresh and fun.  Our dog clothing is available on Etsy and locally in person at craft shows and pet fairs.


Penny, Claire, Pierre, and Freya, decked out in their Pinstripe Paw Prints gear

We decided we needed a blog so we could better connect.  And by we, I mean me and my four small dogs who have inspired this whole project.  (I also have a pretty awesome husband that does things like cut fabric and mail things for me, but I think the dogs were more adamant about a blog than he was. )  We needed a place that we could tell our story, a place where we could write about our process, a place were we could update people about what we were planning, whats new, whats working and whats not.  A place where we could get to know more pet owners and their pets.  That place is here!

I am going to try to write twice a week.  I’m hoping to utilize that time to highlight some of my favorite products and new releases, as well as shed some light on my creative process, the lives of the stars of Pinstripe Paw Prints (ie, the dogs!) and all the behind the scenes work.  Its like your own backstage pass to my dog clothing business!  Over time, I’m hoping to get to know other dog owners and Etsy artisans, maybe host some giveaways, and have some fun!

There are two kinds of pet owners in the world; the type that like having a pet around but, eh its still just a pet, and the type that love their pet like family and would do just about anything for it.  And, hint hint, if you are sitting here reading my blog about dog clothes, you clearly fall into the second category, and we should probably be friends.  Please subscribe to my page!  We also have a Facebook and an Instagram, so  if you can’t wait until the next post, please follow us there as well!  I look forward to getting to know you and your pets!





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