Our Upcycled Line

Hello everyone!  Today, I would like to introduce you to one of the coolest lines that Pinstripe Paw Prints offers – the Upcycled Line!


Claire modeling the blue ruffle top

The Upcycled line features pet clothing items that have been recycled from previous items.  One of our favorite things to upcycle is children and baby clothing!  Kids grow so fast, and all of those super cute outfits that parents buy for them end up donated within a few months.  However, dogs tend to stay the same size.  And lucky for us small dog owners, our tiny companions are the perfect size to utilize a lot of the adorable baby clothing for their entire lives versus the couple months a human baby may use it.

Of course, the human clothes do need to be altered to correctly fit a pet.  We alter the fit in the back, abdomen, and neck so it correctly fits a dog and add in a belly band to prevent the shirts from hanging down to low and potentially getting soiled when the pet goes potty.  We also alter the length of long sleeves to better represent a pets legs.


One of our lovely upcycled shirts, perfect for a little dude!

We also take adult clothing and use it to make a completely new dog garment.  We can make several small dog dresses out of a long woman’s dress, and can still maintain some of the appealing design characteristics of the piece – just changed into a dog outfit.  Both of the dresses that Penny is modeling below were made from women’s dresses that were out of style and damaged.  We preserved the usable fabric and made new (and adorable!) dog dresses.

upcycled line

Penny is modeling two dresses, the country style dress and the vintage style brown dress, both upcycled from women’s dresses, Claire is modeling the plaid button up upcycled from a childs shirt and Freya is modeling the yellow lady bug shirt, upcycled from a onesie!

Where do we get all the items we upcycle from?  Some are donated to us from friends or relatives cleaning out their closet, some are my own items that are outdated or damaged, but most come from local thrift stores, where we can prowl about and find discounted items that will make stellar dog clothes.  Because we can purchase items to upcycle at a low cost and because often times, the items only require alterations instead of complete construction, we can offer these items at a lower rate than many of our standard ‘built from the ground up’ items.  This makes this line an excellent option for owners who love to dress their dogs but cannot or do not want to spend the standard amount that pet clothes cost.


Freya, modeling another upcycled onesie shirt, this time in a brown flower print

One of the other neat things about the upcycled line is that it kind of works off the same premise as the Lularoe craze – if you see it and love it, buy it now because there might not be a second chance.  I can only purchase what is available in the thrift store, which means that often times these upcycled items are a one of a kind thing.  This also means that if you buy an upcycled item, you know your dog will never go to a party and be wearing the same outfit as someone else!



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