Featured Product | Puppy Polos!

Hi everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!  Since last time we talked about our upcycled line, today, I wanted to take some time to feature one of our most common upcycled products; the puppy polo!

Preppy yet casual, our puppy polo shirts are casual and durable enough for everyday wear, yet dressy and sporty so your little guy will look put together no matter what the occasion.  Not to mention everyone loves to see a pup in a polo!


Pierre spent all night studying Spanish by the fire in his blue and white striped polo shirt.  He was sure he would pass his Spanish final at Harvard.  

These polo’s are a part of our upcycled line.  We are always on the look out for used baby and children’s polo shirts, as they make terrific dog polos.  The kids grow out of them, but the dogs, not so much!


Orange polo shirt for a small pet, featuring a white belly band

Our polos come in a variety of colors and patterns that completely depends on what other people in our area are discarding.  Because of this, if you see a polo that you like and fits your dog, you should buy it as soon as possible, as we cannot remake polos to match!


Claire modeling the navy polo and the yellow striped polo, and Freya modeling the pink striped polo and the orange polo.  

We alter the polos from children’s clothing to pet clothing by changing the fit to a dog shaped body instead of a human shaped body and we add in a stretchy matching belly band that helps hold the material close to the dogs body and prevent unwanted bathroom accidents for our boys.  No undressing and redressing to go outside!

Because our polos are a part of the upcycled line, we are able to offer them at the affordable price of $10 a piece.   They wash easy, are durable and hold up even against dogs that like to run and play, and are flexible, breathable, and comfortable for the dogs.


Pierre has mastered Spanish!

Thanks for checking out our puppy polos! If you like dressing your dogs, consider adding a Pinstripe Paw Prints upcycled polo to your dog’s wardrobe! They also make terrific dog gifts!



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