Hello and welcome to Pinstripe Paw Prints blog!  My name is Hannah and I am the creator/owner/crafter/manager of Pinstripe Paw Prints.  Thanks for stopping by!


Pinstripe Paw Prints is my own personal line of handmade pet clothing.  We make fun, functional, and affordable pet clothing.  We sell our clothing on Etsy as well as local craft shows.  Our clothing is all handmade with longevity in mind – something you won’t find at Petco.  Our seams are double stitched in areas that tend to wear our quickly.  Our fabric is prewashed and shrunk so you don’t get surprises when things get dirty.  And our designs are classic, cute, and easy to use.  We also make custom orders for pets who do not fit in standard size outfits, opening up the door to a well dressed pet for those who were previously hard to fit.

I created the Pinstripe Paw Prints blog because we like to be more than just your pet clothing store.  We like to connect with our customers and fans.  We like to meet other pet owners who are just as crazy about our pets as we are about ours.  We like other peoples input.  We like to share stories.  We like to know you and want you to know us.

So please, feel free to follow us, feel free to comment, and feel free to join our little family of pet enthusiasts!

*All images are property of Pinstripe Paw Prints.  Please do not steal my images.  If you would like to use them, please simply message me to let me know and always link back to my site to give me proper credit.