Its All About The Dogs

Dogs are, of course, the heart and soul of Pinstripe Paw Prints.  They are our companions, our families, and our inspiration.  They add unending love, comfort, and warmth to our lives.  They are the definition of  a good soul.  Here are some of the very special dogs that have inspired and model our line.


Pierre Sebastian

We adopted Pierre from Gertie’s Small Dog Rescue in May of 2014.  Pierre previously lived with a different family who were not allowed to keep dogs in their apartment.  When the landlord discovered Pierre, they gave them the option of moving or finding him a new home.  Clearly, they chose to give him up.  As heartbreaking as it must have been for Pierre, it didn’t take him long to find a new home with us.  Pierre is the definition of a good dog.  He does absolutely nothing wrong and does everything he possibly can to please people.  He is loving, loyal, sweet, and tolerant.  He loves to snuggle on the couch, go for car rides, and of course, eat!  Pierre is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and a registered member of Therapy Dogs International.  When Pierre is not busy modeling or napping on the couch, he visits various schools, nursing homes, and hospitals to brighten people’s days and teach people about the love and healing a dog can bring.  Pierre is a 5 year old papillon.


Claire Cordelia

We adopted Claire in October of 2014 from a private family in Harrisburg.  Claire was one of four dogs and took it upon herself to frequently dig holes and escape out of her family’s yard.  Being the little prankster that she is, she also decided it would be a good idea to play keep away and run away from them when they tried to catch her.  Her family, fearing that she would eventually get hit by a car, decided it would be best to re home her to a safer location.  Claire is a princess and has a very strong personality.  After coming home with us, Claire was enrolled in several obedience classes and began to work hard to learn that she maintain her royal status while still listening to and respecting her family.  Claire is a very bold dog and is game for just about anything we throw at her, whether it be kayaking, camping, or hiking.  She is particularly partial to men.  Claire is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and also does some agility work.  Claire is a 7 year old papillon.


Freya Kate

We adopted Freya in September of 2015 after she had been abandoned on the side of the road and was found wandering in the middle of night.  When we first met Freya, she was skinny as a rail, covered in fleas and ticks, limping, and scared to death.  Her adult canines were just starting to come in and she still had a mouth full of retained baby teeth.  Whoever abandoned this sweet girl had no idea of the little treasure they threw away, because she is a stellar little dog.  Freya is our wild child; she runs circles around the other dogs, loves to play, and makes it her mission to keep our yard as bird free as possible.  When she is not busy playing, Freya is a sweet and cuddly little lady.  She loves being held and snuggled and will nose her way under your blanket or drape herself around your shoulders like a scarf to let you know she needs some love.  She is smart, eager to please, and learns quickly.  Freya is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and a registered member of Therapy Dogs International.  Freya also participates in agility and rally obedience.  Her favorite obstacle is the dog walk.  Freya is a 2 year old mutt.


Penny Renee

We adopted Penny in September of 2016.  Penny came to us from a very noble background.  Penny was destined to be a show dog.  She was bred for the show ring and both of her parents have a very prestigious show history.  However, as Penny grew up, her ears flopped down, which made her not quite right for the show ring.  She needed a new career.  Penny’s previous family are clients at my work, where we met and began discussing our love of papillons.  While they loved Penny very much, they knew that she could benefit from a family that had more time to spend one on one with her and could potentially offer her a new job.  They asked if I would be interested in taking her, and the rest is history!  Penny has never met a stranger, only friends.  She is happy and bouncy, and loves to give kisses.  Penny is best friends with Freya, and the two of them play constantly.  Penny is working hard at her training.  She takes obedience and agility classes.  Penny is a 2 year old papillon.