What Makes Pinstripe Paw Prints Special?

Pinstripe Paw Prints clothing is designed by dog owners for dog owners.  We use our own products on our own personal pets (they have quite the wardrobe!) and because of this we are able to tweak and alter our designs to be the best they can be.  Some of the features we have found that are important to us and are featured in Pinstripe Paw Prints clothing are:

  • double stitched seams in areas that tend to wear out quickly
  • all fabric is pre-shrunk to prevent unwanted surprises after washing
  • Designs that are easy to put on and stay on your pet, even when active

We also have created a line of pet clothes called the Upcycled Line, which features dog clothes that have been created from something else. Most commonly, we upcycle baby and children’s clothing into pet apparel, but we also use adult clothing, curtains, and even blankets to make some of our products.